Well hello there, my name's Ashleigh, I'm 23 and i live in Derby, which is in the midlands, England. I'm currently a stay at home mum to my two year old Finley. Me, my boyfriend and Finley live in a two bedroom rented house in a little place inside Derby called Oakwood.
I like to watch rubbish TV, eat chocolate, collect mugs & go shopping in my spare time, but who doesn't love them things?

I have created this blog to document all aspects of mine and my little family's life, i'd love you all to come along for the ride. I really hope i don't bore you too much, i do tend to ramble on quite a lot.

Thankyou for popping along to my blog, taking a quite read of my post and hopefully leave a couple of comments so i know you've come? pretty please.

If you ever want to get in contact with me, feel free to pop me an email and ill respond as soon as possible: ashleigh.paige.day@hotmail.com

Ashleigh x

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Personal Instagram - instagram.com/lifeofashandfinn
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