Saturday, 10 December 2016

Life just gets in the way..

It's just so so crazy how i went from uploading a blog at least every day to missing it out completely for weeks. I got to the point where i found myself dreading turning my laptop on and not wanting to blog, which is exactly what i didn't want to get to when i started my new blog.
I was doing a post everyday for a November Bloggers challenge and it was just dragging out for me and i got to the point where i'd keep missing out a few days and then do them all in a round up post. As that was okay to do, that's not the idea of it. So here we are 10 days into December and hopefully i can jump back onto the bloggers train once again.

I won't be finishing off the #AlphaBlogBites, just because i really don't have the energy for it at the minute. I don't want to give myself any excuse to give up blogging again.

Look out for our putting up our Christmas tree post in the next few days!

Ashleigh x