Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Goodbye October, Hello November.

Woah how quick is this year going? It only seemed like yesterday when i was preparing for Finley's 3rd Birthday on the 3rd of October and now look, that's nearly a month ago! What makes it worse is, how quick time went from his 2nd Birthday to his 3rd, this next year will probably go even quicker. I know one thing for sure, i don't know how i'm going to cope with having a 4 year old next year.

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To tell you the truth we've not really done much this past month other than his Birthday. We've spent pretty much every week the same. Monday, Wednesday & Friday.. Finley is at nursery and i catch up on house work and my blog. Tuesday we usually see my Dad and then Thursday is our rest day and we spend it inside the house watching movies and eating junk food.  Makes me sound so epic'ly lazy but Finley doesn't tend to want to go out either so you've got do go with the child's decision, right?

We've also spend a few days of his October half term holidays in hospital, unfortunately. He only had a chest infection so i wasn't too bad but it just meant a few boring days for Finley stuck inside on a hospital bed. He did ever so well in coping with everything. So so proud of him.

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The only other thing we've done in October is dress Finley up as Batman for Nursery on Halloween, He wasn't sure at first and kept telling me to take it off. But he found it funny walking down the road in a costume. Best of all showing his little friends at Nursery.

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He even did the whole jump with hands on his hips into his Nursery room. So full of character the older he's getting. No Trick or Treating here though unfortunately, i don't think he's quite old enough for it this year. Maybe next year he will be confident enough to knock on houses.

What was the highlight of your October?

Ashleigh x

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