Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Toddlers/Young Children

One. Toddler Tools PJ Set

You really need to go over to the Toddler Tools website to really see how amazing these PJ sets are. I actually got a set of the boys sets for Finley and i'm so impressed how good the quality is. Do you know what i love the most about them? The names! 'Dino-Snore' 'Crabby In The Morning' 'Cat Nap' which are just some examples of them. I couldn't even express how well made these are and how comfy Finley found them, which is perfect for lounging around the house in and obviously sleeping in. These are just under the £20 mark, which is definitely worth it for the quality.

Two. Lost My Name Personalized Poster

These are such good ideas. Finley loves his alphabet, at 2 & half he learnt all his alphabet (some say he's quite clever for that, i'd agree) so now at 3 and having this poster hanging on his bedroom wall really helps him practice every day. He find's it extra special as it's just for him "Finley's alphabet, Not mummy's, but Finley's" in true 3 year old fashion of learning everything has to be his. What make's this even better is how well made it is and it's coped quite well with Finley poking and prodding it. These come in at £12.99 with free shipping! You can also add a frame to put it straight onto the wall (which is what i did so i didn't have to faff about) for just £7 more.

Three. Leap Pad

I haven't had much experience with these yet but we have brought one for Finley this Christmas. One of my close mates brought it for her son last year and she highly rates it so i thought why not. I love how you can buy extra games for it like a game boy or something and it can teach them things too. I've added a link to the Amazon search as they're on offer for the 'platinum' one at the minute and it's quite cheap. I'm looking into getting a few games to go with Finley's such as Disney Cars, Crayola Drawing and a few books. He's using my iPad at the minute and i'm sick of him just sticking to YouTube, so i'm hoping this'll encourage him to try new things out and learn more.

Four. Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles

I came across this when doing a usual late night browse on the internet (we all do it) and i thought how amazing is this for the price. Now most children of toddler age love Paw Patrol and getting 4 puzzles for £5.99 isn't bad at all. I have just recently started buying puzzles for Finley to help with his hand eye coordination so he can start understand simple problem solving and i think if it's puzzles of his favorite characters it helps massively.

Five. Hachimals

Now these are something everyone is going crazy for this Christmas. Thankfully for me and my purse, Finley doesn't know they even exist. We don't watch live TV anymore with getting rid of our ariel (it was rubbish signal anyway so it was a waste) so i'm happy he misses most of the adverts for the newest toys and such. I'm sure by next year he will be telling me what he wants but this year I'm happy to be buying stuff without him knowing. These 'Hachimals' have become ever so popular and i can see why. What child wouldn't want their own egg to hatch with a cute little furry animal to look after afterwards. The only think what would put me off getting it would be the silly price tag what comes with it. They are that popular that they're selling well over £100 now which is a lot for just one toy.

What toys is Santa bringing your little one this Christmas? Are you buying a Hatchimal?

Ashleigh x

{I was sent a few items on this gift guide to review but all opinions are my own}


  1. Some great gift ideas! We love paw patrol in our house, Rosalie is only 2 and hasn't requested a hatchimal yet so I'm safe! Xx

  2. Lots of great ideas here, thanks! I hear hatchimals are really hard to come by!

  3. I've actually bought the Paw Patrol puzzle for my daughter - she is obsessed x

  4. Those pyjamas are cute and you can't go wrong with puzzles too! x

  5. We've bought a leap pad for xmas for out little one too!

  6. My daughter love the look of the hatchimals but I've said wait until her birthday in May for one!!