Sunday, 6 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - D, E & F {Catch up post}

So as you may have realized, i'm falling behind a little. I've just had no time at all to sit down and type anything on my blog at all. I really tried to sit down on Friday night (4th) but once i had my laptop out and got into bed, i wanted to sleep.. so obviously that's what i did. So welcome to my catch up post, most likely one of many during Novembers #AlphaBlogBites.

4th November - D is for..

My D is for Discovery, Discovery of first time motherhood. Something most first time mums really struggle with. I really truly believe you can never been prepared for motherhood. You can wait years and years to plan on when you're going to have your first child and still have a massive shock of how hard it really is being a mum for the first time. The thing what hit me like a ton of bricks would be lack of sleep. I found myself falling asleep all the time for the first few months. I felt so tired it was horrible and i hated having to get up during the night to feed.
Yes that magical feeling of being a mummy would out rule all of that, by far. But it still doesn't make it any easier.
Now i'm 3 years into being a mummy and i wouldn't change anything. We still have odd nights where he'd still wake up, but after this long I've definitely got used to it.
A tip to any of you soon to be first time parents, sleep as much as you possibly can. When your baby is asleep, you sleep. When grandparents are looking after them, even for half hour, sleep. Trust me, that little bit of sleep helps massively.

5th November - E is for..
My E is for Earth. How beautiful this Earth can really be. I'll let this picture speak for itself..

 photo DSC00221_zpsxi3lw8dy.jpg

6th November (Today) - F is for..

My F is for Finley, Obviously. My handsome perfect little boy. He amazes me every single day, with everything he does. We've found out this weekend how good his memory is. He watched the film 'The Secret Life Of Pets' a good month ago, he only watched about a quarter of it. Today he saw the advert on the top of the screen on Amazon Prime Video and said "Oh it's Max" i was sat there all confused. I said "Whats Max?" He pointed to the dog. I straight away googled what the dogs name was and he was correct it was Max! How the hell has be remembered that? He also knows his whole Alphabet, he can read the words for all colors if you write them down, he can tell you 'mummy', 'daddy', 'car' and 'cat' if you write them down, he can count up to 30 and he's only just turned 3! More amazingly is how this time last year he couldn't even say mummy and i was worried about how behind he speech was. So so proud of my boy.

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

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  1. That's amazing, I love when children learn new things, although it can be scary when you think they are growing up too fast! #AlphaBlogBites