Thursday, 3 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - C is for..

C is for.. Crafts

I struggled like mad to think of something beginning with C. I thought maybe i could share with you all some of my favorite crafts which are perfect for this time of year from Pinterest..
{Like any of the ideas, click the name of the craft to learn how to make it}

Autumn leaf decorated Mason Jar..  Really simple, but very effective.
 photo 0afcabc066c416dfcdecda0de0027350_zpst0lfuiwz.jpg

Painted pasta necklace.. Something we all did when we were younger. If it wasn't necklaces it was stuck onto card with PVA glue. Give both a go, maybe with some pretty glitter too?
 photo Autumn-craft-pasta-necklaces_zpsufzlzdvg.jpg

An Autumn tree leaf globe.. Just like a snow globe but for Autumn. I just love this idea.
 photo leafjar2-e1410765672329_zpsyb3bijg3.jpg

Fall leaf cookies {Gingerbread}.. all i can say is yummmm. Who doesn't love a nice homemade gingerbread.
 photo gingerbread-recipe_zpscetwer98.jpg

Whats your favorite autumn craft to do with your child(ren)?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum


  1. I am terrible at crafts but these look simple enough. the mason jar ones are really effective x

  2. These are great, I really like the leaf mason jar.s Something I could do with the kids and really effective.

  3. Those Mason jars look great, I have a few laying around, I think a trip to the park to collect some leaves is on the cards for the weekend. Thanks for sharing the idea.


  4. Great ideas- I'm so not naturally crafty but really want to me. So these are some great ideas.

  5. We have enjoyed making firework pictures with lots of glitter and mess! Pickle loved it. Kaz x

  6. What lovely ideas. The mason jar is my fave. We like to make leaf pictures x

  7. The painted pasta necklace is deadly! Must try it with Christmassy colours with the babogs!! Favourite craft with out kids is a leaf wreath, they love getting all sticky with the glue lol.

  8. These are brilliant. I love the mason jars and the idea of the autumnal snow globe. We have done lots of collages with leaves and leaf painting. I do love Autumn. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  9. These are all brilliant. The autumn snow globes and the mason jars are both gorgeous but simple ideas. Great list. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  10. Oooohhh i love the look of those Fall Leaf Cookies, think my two would really enjoy baking those! xx

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