Wednesday, 2 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - B is for..

B is for.. Birthdays. Birthdays are something i really have so much enjoyment from. One day a year to celebrate just one individual person. Since having Finley, his Birthday's are way more important than my own, especially every year that goes by and he understands it more.

 photo 10173580_303326059819986_5460611420922651781_n_zpsgzxsmzk4.jpg

{Myself, my mum & Finley. My 21st Birthday. Finley was just 6 months old}

I can't wait for every birthday of my own and Finley's from now on. Every year gets more and more exciting for both of us. What makes my next birthday more exciting is i know Finley has just learnt how to sing Happy Birthday to you. I have the pleasure of him singing it to me at least once a week.
 photo DSC00355_zps3le6niec.jpg
{Finley, on his most recent Birthday}
Finley's birthday this year (his 3rd) was the best by far. As much as i loved his 1st Birthday because it was the first one and that's amazing. But this year was the best one yet. He understood what presents were, he knew it was his birthday for up to a week before. He asked me every day leading up to his birthday "Mummy, cake and presents soon yeah?".
It's really funny how much a year can change someone. Last year he wasn't even interested in opening his presents, he got excited over the first one i opened and it took him 3 days after his birthday to get through them all. This year they were all opened with in half hour!

Whats your favorite thing about Birthdays?

Ashleigh x

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  1. It's lovely watching them grow each year, although sometimes I wish the clock would slow down a little, but birthdays from the age of three are so much more interactive xx