Thursday, 17 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - M, N, O, P & Q is for.. {round up post}

As you can probably tell I've got myself a little bit behind in #AlphaBlogBites once again. Me and the other half have had 'The Hunger Games' marathon this week so i blame that entirely (maybe a bit of me being lazy and being suck to the bed with a migraine the only day i could have done these).

My M is for.. Music.

Music is something i used to love when i was younger. But since having Finley it's not something I've really had any interest in. I haven't found 'that' band to be obsessed with. I'm more of a person to like one particular song at a time, instead of obsessing over a band.

My favorite song at the minute would have to be Hailee Steinfeld, Grey - Starving ft. Zedd for sure. It's one of them songs you'll get stuck in your head for days.

My N is for.. Naughty.

This word would sum up Finley since turning three. He has days of being an absolute angel and i would wonder how people could moan they turn into a devils child when they turn three. But yes i have surely found out the past week or so what people were talking about. The worst thing for me would be how stubborn he is. If he doe'nt want to do it, he wont.

My O is for.. Offline.

This is something to sum up my week. It's been rather quite nice to step away from the laptop the past few days. Yes okay i have still been online on my social media. But.. I have just loved not 'needing' to go on my laptop every single night to catch up on stuff. It's been ever so lovely to have quality time just me and my partner with a film in bed.

My P is for.. Pets.

As you may or may not know we do have a little boy cat called Freddie. We introduced him into our family around November last year and we just love having him around. Yes he can be a pain in the arse as he's still a baby. Nevertheless he's just amazing!

 photo DSC00363_zpsqmquvbbq.jpg

My Q is for.. Questions.

I'm very much like a toddler sometimes with the amount of questions i ask. If someone asks me for advice i will probably ask a hundred and one questions before even thinking about what advice to give. The worst part is, i normally ask questions to be nosy. I know a lot of people are the same as me and loved a good bit of gossip. If one of my friends comes to me with gossip, I've got to make sure i ask every possible question to gather all information.
I'm so glad Finley isn't quite at his talking stage to ask load of questions. I do get an odd "What you doing mummy?" or "What's that?" but i'm not 100% sure he cares for an answer back. I think he hears a lot of things from nursery staff when he asks me stuff. The best one for me is when he see's you eating something he will say "Nice?" when i don't answer he will say it over and over.

What's your favorite song at the minute?
Do you have any pets?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

AlphaBlogBites - L is for..

My L is for.. Laughter.

Laughter for me is a massive thing. You can't beat a good old laugh and happy cry over something.
Until you're a mum you will never know what it's like to hear your own child laugh. Laughing at something you've done, laughing at being tickled or even laughing at a TV program. It's truly amazing.
I do find watching your own child laugh at something, makes yourself happy inside also. It's a massive stress release to me.

What makes you laugh?
What makes your little one laugh?

Finley's favorite thing to laugh at at the moment has to be silly animals on YouTube. If you type in "Animal Bloopers" he could sit and giggle at that all day. You either hear "That's funny" or "Awww so cute mum".

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

AlphaBlogBites - K is for..

My K is for.. Knowledge.

Knowledge of simple life lessons is something all parents want to pass onto their children. You'd love to think at least once in their life they can the phrase "my mum always told me..".

I know a lot of the things i do to this day is what both my mum and dad taught me at one point. Your children even learn from watching you do certain things a certain way. I'll always think when I'm doing my every day tasks and think "This is what my dad does" or "I've seen my mum do this before".

So Knowledge being passed down to Finley is a massive thing for me. I know it'll stay with him forever and he will one day be able to pass something i've taught him to his own children.

Whats one thing you've managed to pass down from your parents to your little one(s)?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

Saturday, 12 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - J is for..

My J is for..

Joy is something Finley doesn't have a problem with. He loves a good giggle and a smile. Yes he has his moments like every three year old does, but he is generally a happy boy.
I think joy is something everyone needs, nothing better than a good laugh.

 photo 092a32f8-0a89-44c1-85f5-27a240f800ec_zpsc0nhtp02.jpg
What makes you happy? What does joy mean to you?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - I is for..

My I is for.. Internet.

The internet is a really big place and sometimes we really don't appreciate how much we get from it. I couldn't last a day without it and i'm sure most of you couldn't either. I don't just use the internet for Social Media but i also use it to search for stuff i don't know, places i don't know where to find or every recipes for things i didn't know existed.
It's really crazy to think this time 10 years ago we all some how managed with next to no internet and didn't really know what it was like to carry a phone what could do everything and anything. In some ways having such a wide range of things to explore when browsing the web is amazing, but sometimes i wish i could rewind time and go back to more simple times where i'd have to look in a dictionary to find a spelling of a word or actually use a normal map.
Obviously though being into all this social media hype and loving my up to date phone, i wouldn't change the internet as it is today.

What do you miss most about the times before decent internet? Whats your favorite thing about how well technology has come on in the last 10 years?

Want to follow me on social media?

Ashleigh x
Me Becoming Mum

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Toddlers/Young Children

One. Toddler Tools PJ Set

You really need to go over to the Toddler Tools website to really see how amazing these PJ sets are. I actually got a set of the boys sets for Finley and i'm so impressed how good the quality is. Do you know what i love the most about them? The names! 'Dino-Snore' 'Crabby In The Morning' 'Cat Nap' which are just some examples of them. I couldn't even express how well made these are and how comfy Finley found them, which is perfect for lounging around the house in and obviously sleeping in. These are just under the £20 mark, which is definitely worth it for the quality.

Two. Lost My Name Personalized Poster

These are such good ideas. Finley loves his alphabet, at 2 & half he learnt all his alphabet (some say he's quite clever for that, i'd agree) so now at 3 and having this poster hanging on his bedroom wall really helps him practice every day. He find's it extra special as it's just for him "Finley's alphabet, Not mummy's, but Finley's" in true 3 year old fashion of learning everything has to be his. What make's this even better is how well made it is and it's coped quite well with Finley poking and prodding it. These come in at £12.99 with free shipping! You can also add a frame to put it straight onto the wall (which is what i did so i didn't have to faff about) for just £7 more.

Three. Leap Pad

I haven't had much experience with these yet but we have brought one for Finley this Christmas. One of my close mates brought it for her son last year and she highly rates it so i thought why not. I love how you can buy extra games for it like a game boy or something and it can teach them things too. I've added a link to the Amazon search as they're on offer for the 'platinum' one at the minute and it's quite cheap. I'm looking into getting a few games to go with Finley's such as Disney Cars, Crayola Drawing and a few books. He's using my iPad at the minute and i'm sick of him just sticking to YouTube, so i'm hoping this'll encourage him to try new things out and learn more.

Four. Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles

I came across this when doing a usual late night browse on the internet (we all do it) and i thought how amazing is this for the price. Now most children of toddler age love Paw Patrol and getting 4 puzzles for £5.99 isn't bad at all. I have just recently started buying puzzles for Finley to help with his hand eye coordination so he can start understand simple problem solving and i think if it's puzzles of his favorite characters it helps massively.

Five. Hachimals

Now these are something everyone is going crazy for this Christmas. Thankfully for me and my purse, Finley doesn't know they even exist. We don't watch live TV anymore with getting rid of our ariel (it was rubbish signal anyway so it was a waste) so i'm happy he misses most of the adverts for the newest toys and such. I'm sure by next year he will be telling me what he wants but this year I'm happy to be buying stuff without him knowing. These 'Hachimals' have become ever so popular and i can see why. What child wouldn't want their own egg to hatch with a cute little furry animal to look after afterwards. The only think what would put me off getting it would be the silly price tag what comes with it. They are that popular that they're selling well over £100 now which is a lot for just one toy.

What toys is Santa bringing your little one this Christmas? Are you buying a Hatchimal?

Ashleigh x

{I was sent a few items on this gift guide to review but all opinions are my own}

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - For Women

We all have 'that' woman in our life's we find it very difficult to buy for. No matter how many times you ask them "What do you want for Christmas this year?" and we hear back the same answer of "Nothing" or "I don't know". So i have put together a simple but *hopefully helpful Gift guide to help you choose something to buy them this Christmas..

One. Chambers & Co.

This company have the most amazing back story as to why they went into business. Exactly the reason why i wanted to include them in my gift guide. They started up their family run business back in 2005, when they discovered their then toddler had intolerance's to a number of food groups and additives. They then started their journey into creating products for their whole family to enjoy and that they know theres no nasty's which can harm. Their products are perfect as a gift as they are just amazing (yes, i have tried them myself) and much better giving to a small family run business. I have suffered with dry and sensitive hands for years (pretty much since i got pregnant with Finley) and Chambers & Co. products have helped massively. Take a look over on their website and you wont ever look back.

Two. Cath Kidston.

These Cath Kidston Mugs are something i have a lot of myself, they are definitely my favorite company to buy mugs from. I know some women don't actually like Cath Kidston as they may not like floral in any way, which is fine. But i know it caters to a wide range of women out there.

Three. Trolley Bags.

Trolley Bags are something i hadn't even heard about until a few months ago. When they started to charge for carrier bags, it made everyone's shopping experience a little different. I used to just go into any shop, get free carrier bags and it never be a problem. But all of a sudden now we have to pay 5p for every bag we use, we are a little more careful in the way we shop. I know for sure i'm a part of the people who now buy 'bags for life' and carry them in the bottom of my handbag just in case.
Well there's no need to keep buying them bags anymore, buy yourself or someone else these Trolley Bags! Such a brilliant idea, they don't even need me to explain on how these work.

Want to purchase these for as little as £18-£20 you can visit any of these stores (in store or online).. Tesco ExtraLakelandThe Range or Dunelm.

Four. Yankee Candle

Like what Woman doesn't love a good candle as a gift. Yes okay, maybe some of you don't. But come on, Yankee is the way to go if you do love a candle. They is a lot of scents to choose from such as Black Coconut , Clean Cotton , Snowflake Cookie & Snow in Love. I'd never again buy any other candles besides from Yankee. They hold the scent from the minute you light it for the first time.. to the very last time you burn it.

FiveAmazon Kindle Fire

I actually have one of these myself. I also have an iPad which Finley actually took for himself, so i brought one of these Amazon Kindle Fires as a tablet both me and Finley's Daddy could use. I'm utterly shocked at how good these are for the price. I really don't know why anyone would fork out £400/£500 + for an iPad when these are perfectly fine and do the same thing. I'd definitely recommend buying these for a woman you love if you want to treat her to some new technology but you don't have a massive budget.

What gifts would you put on your Christmas List this year?

Ashleigh x

{I was sent a few of the products mentioned in this gift guide for the purpose of this post, but all opinions are my own}

AlphaBlogBites - H is for..

My H is for.. Holidays.

We tend to go on Holiday to Devon twice a year. Finley's Grandparents moved there back in 2014 so we go and visit them a few times a year. It's really nice to know we've always got a place to stay and go on a holiday. We would love to one year adventure out of the UK and maybe go abroad somewhere, but.. Devon is fine for now.

 photo 11693981_524789644340292_2108349396690015057_n_zpswyh4yr7s.jpg
My dream holiday would be to be able to take Finley to Disney World. He'd love it so much. Maybe one day we shall be able to afford it and go with him!

Whats your favorite holiday destination?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

Monday, 7 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - G is for..

My G is for.. Gifts.

Something which is always on my mind this time of year. I struggle like mad to know what to buy for my loved ones for Christmas. I say every single year "This year, i won't go mad" but some how i always end up buying loads of rubbish no one even needs. Finley is someone to always get loads of stuff, 9 time out of 10 it gets forgotten about with in a week and he's back to playing with his old ones. But thankfully this year Santa has only got Finley one present and a few little stocking fillers.
I had a good browse through websites to see what i could buy Finley for his main and most expensive present and i came across a Leap Pad.

I looked into buying Finn a Leap Pad last year, but with it being 3+ i wasn't sure how much use back then he would have got out of it, but this year he's definitely ready. If you're not 100% sure what a Leap Pad is, go check out Amazons page here at the one i brought Finley.. LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Green (they also do it in Purple, if you've got a girly.. LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Purple)
They do some amazing add on's too, such as Disney Princess, Disney Cars, Crayola Coloring and lots more! Can't wait to buy some cool add on's for Finley and see how amazed his is on Christmas morning.

Now i just need to think what i'm going to buy for the rest of my family, this is where i really struggle. Why is buying for a child so much easier? Wish me good luck.

Ashleigh x
Me Becoming Mum

Sunday, 6 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - D, E & F {Catch up post}

So as you may have realized, i'm falling behind a little. I've just had no time at all to sit down and type anything on my blog at all. I really tried to sit down on Friday night (4th) but once i had my laptop out and got into bed, i wanted to sleep.. so obviously that's what i did. So welcome to my catch up post, most likely one of many during Novembers #AlphaBlogBites.

4th November - D is for..

My D is for Discovery, Discovery of first time motherhood. Something most first time mums really struggle with. I really truly believe you can never been prepared for motherhood. You can wait years and years to plan on when you're going to have your first child and still have a massive shock of how hard it really is being a mum for the first time. The thing what hit me like a ton of bricks would be lack of sleep. I found myself falling asleep all the time for the first few months. I felt so tired it was horrible and i hated having to get up during the night to feed.
Yes that magical feeling of being a mummy would out rule all of that, by far. But it still doesn't make it any easier.
Now i'm 3 years into being a mummy and i wouldn't change anything. We still have odd nights where he'd still wake up, but after this long I've definitely got used to it.
A tip to any of you soon to be first time parents, sleep as much as you possibly can. When your baby is asleep, you sleep. When grandparents are looking after them, even for half hour, sleep. Trust me, that little bit of sleep helps massively.

5th November - E is for..
My E is for Earth. How beautiful this Earth can really be. I'll let this picture speak for itself..

 photo DSC00221_zpsxi3lw8dy.jpg

6th November (Today) - F is for..

My F is for Finley, Obviously. My handsome perfect little boy. He amazes me every single day, with everything he does. We've found out this weekend how good his memory is. He watched the film 'The Secret Life Of Pets' a good month ago, he only watched about a quarter of it. Today he saw the advert on the top of the screen on Amazon Prime Video and said "Oh it's Max" i was sat there all confused. I said "Whats Max?" He pointed to the dog. I straight away googled what the dogs name was and he was correct it was Max! How the hell has be remembered that? He also knows his whole Alphabet, he can read the words for all colors if you write them down, he can tell you 'mummy', 'daddy', 'car' and 'cat' if you write them down, he can count up to 30 and he's only just turned 3! More amazingly is how this time last year he couldn't even say mummy and i was worried about how behind he speech was. So so proud of my boy.

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

Thursday, 3 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - C is for..

C is for.. Crafts

I struggled like mad to think of something beginning with C. I thought maybe i could share with you all some of my favorite crafts which are perfect for this time of year from Pinterest..
{Like any of the ideas, click the name of the craft to learn how to make it}

Autumn leaf decorated Mason Jar..  Really simple, but very effective.
 photo 0afcabc066c416dfcdecda0de0027350_zpst0lfuiwz.jpg

Painted pasta necklace.. Something we all did when we were younger. If it wasn't necklaces it was stuck onto card with PVA glue. Give both a go, maybe with some pretty glitter too?
 photo Autumn-craft-pasta-necklaces_zpsufzlzdvg.jpg

An Autumn tree leaf globe.. Just like a snow globe but for Autumn. I just love this idea.
 photo leafjar2-e1410765672329_zpsyb3bijg3.jpg

Fall leaf cookies {Gingerbread}.. all i can say is yummmm. Who doesn't love a nice homemade gingerbread.
 photo gingerbread-recipe_zpscetwer98.jpg

Whats your favorite autumn craft to do with your child(ren)?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

AlphaBlogBites - B is for..

B is for.. Birthdays. Birthdays are something i really have so much enjoyment from. One day a year to celebrate just one individual person. Since having Finley, his Birthday's are way more important than my own, especially every year that goes by and he understands it more.

 photo 10173580_303326059819986_5460611420922651781_n_zpsgzxsmzk4.jpg

{Myself, my mum & Finley. My 21st Birthday. Finley was just 6 months old}

I can't wait for every birthday of my own and Finley's from now on. Every year gets more and more exciting for both of us. What makes my next birthday more exciting is i know Finley has just learnt how to sing Happy Birthday to you. I have the pleasure of him singing it to me at least once a week.
 photo DSC00355_zps3le6niec.jpg
{Finley, on his most recent Birthday}
Finley's birthday this year (his 3rd) was the best by far. As much as i loved his 1st Birthday because it was the first one and that's amazing. But this year was the best one yet. He understood what presents were, he knew it was his birthday for up to a week before. He asked me every day leading up to his birthday "Mummy, cake and presents soon yeah?".
It's really funny how much a year can change someone. Last year he wasn't even interested in opening his presents, he got excited over the first one i opened and it took him 3 days after his birthday to get through them all. This year they were all opened with in half hour!

Whats your favorite thing about Birthdays?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Goodbye October, Hello November.

Woah how quick is this year going? It only seemed like yesterday when i was preparing for Finley's 3rd Birthday on the 3rd of October and now look, that's nearly a month ago! What makes it worse is, how quick time went from his 2nd Birthday to his 3rd, this next year will probably go even quicker. I know one thing for sure, i don't know how i'm going to cope with having a 4 year old next year.

 photo DSC00442_zpsvsx34zxx.jpg

To tell you the truth we've not really done much this past month other than his Birthday. We've spent pretty much every week the same. Monday, Wednesday & Friday.. Finley is at nursery and i catch up on house work and my blog. Tuesday we usually see my Dad and then Thursday is our rest day and we spend it inside the house watching movies and eating junk food.  Makes me sound so epic'ly lazy but Finley doesn't tend to want to go out either so you've got do go with the child's decision, right?

We've also spend a few days of his October half term holidays in hospital, unfortunately. He only had a chest infection so i wasn't too bad but it just meant a few boring days for Finley stuck inside on a hospital bed. He did ever so well in coping with everything. So so proud of him.

 photo 14908231_724595661026355_7575560169559817903_n_zpsbiirubio.jpg

The only other thing we've done in October is dress Finley up as Batman for Nursery on Halloween, He wasn't sure at first and kept telling me to take it off. But he found it funny walking down the road in a costume. Best of all showing his little friends at Nursery.

 photo 14915694_724596014359653_1114356501775086218_n_zpssag4yml4.jpg

He even did the whole jump with hands on his hips into his Nursery room. So full of character the older he's getting. No Trick or Treating here though unfortunately, i don't think he's quite old enough for it this year. Maybe next year he will be confident enough to knock on houses.

What was the highlight of your October?

Ashleigh x

AlphaBlogBites - A is for..

 photo 14581498_724596031026318_5872277225755485484_n_zps0avktcds.jpg

A is for.. Autumn. My favorite Season.

How could someone not love Autumn though? It's not too cold but not too hot. It's darker in the evenings for that perfect cosy night in and best of all.. The beautiful yellow and red leaves falling off the trees. Finley also loves Autumn as much as me, he loves a good woolly hat. He's also weirdly into trees, he loves to look up at all the branches and leaves.

 photo 14915160_724595341026387_5015057082772555511_n_zps40dm4x4h.jpg

The only thing i'm not too keen on about Autumn is that i know Winter comes after it, and i hate winter like the next person. Frost, snow and all round cold isn't my thing. But you've got to look on the bright side, at least we know it'll be Christmas soon!

 photo 14915472_724595937692994_5783086251910996705_n_zpst1zxuwpq.jpg

Whats your favorite thing about Autumn? Is it your favorite season?

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum