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The Mummy Tag, Q&A

Thanks to the lovely Jaymee over at for tagging me in this..

One - 'Are you a Stay at home mum or a Working mum?'

Well currently i'm still a stay at home mum. I was looking for work towards the beginning of the year, i even got to the point where i got a job but i had to sadly turn it down. Finley already goes to nursery (2 year old funding) so it was perfect, but they couldn't add any hour onto his current hours due to limited space. I could have moved him to a different nursery yes, but he'd loose all his little friends he's made there, he loves his Key Worker and he's properly settled. I am more than happy staying as a SAHM for the time being, we aren't struggling enough for money so why not. (Not knocking stay at home mums at all by the way, i love being a stay at home mum)

Two - 'Would you have it any other way?'

Well i basically answered this question in my last one but.. No i wouldn't have it any other way. I love the days Finley is at home and we get time with each other. I have LOVED the past 3 years learning about how to be a mummy and how amazing Finley is. So no, no i wouldn't.

Three - 'Do you co-sleep?'

We co-slept yes. We lived with Tom's parent's (Finley's daddys parents) for the first year of Finleys life and we had a very small room to share between us three. So the best option for us at the time was to co-sleep. I hated Finley crying in the night and waking everyone up, so him sleeping with us settled him a whole lot quicker. When we moved into our own place we did everything we could to move him out our bed, we tried a cod with the side off next to ours so i could move him when he was asleep, didn't work. We tried getting him used to his cot to go to sleep in, he just climbed back into ours during the night. So for 2 & half years we co-slept. We upgraded him to his own bed with no sides on a few months ago and he's slept in it since, no grumbles or anything. We are so proud of how well he's done.

Four - 'What is your one must have item for your baby?'

Oh gosh it's been years (literally) since Finley was a baby. I'd have to say sleep suits from Next were the best thing for me. They have built in mittens in them!! Like seriously, i was mind blown. No having to put mittens back on them 50 times an hour and no nasty scratches on their face during the night when you couldn't put the pesky mittens back on. Game changer for me for sure.

Five - 'How many kids do you plan on having?'

Honestly, i'd probably just stick with the one. But after having Finley i could probably stretch to having a second and final one. I worry to much about the future and not knowing if i could afford to look after anymore than one or two teenagers. Maybe that's me worrying waaaaay to much but yea.

Six - 'Date nights? How often do you have them?'

Honestly? We've not had a 'date night' since i was pregnant with Finley. We just don't have time to go out just us and do normal couple stuff. If i find someone to have Finley for the night, it's normally for a reason like we are going out early the next day for a car show or i'm on a night out with the girls. We should defiantly start doing it though.

Seven - 'Your child's favorite show?'

At the minute its 'Blaze and the monster machines'. Which to be honest i'm not at all bothered about, it's not annoying like most children's programs and it's quite educational.

Eight - 'Name one thing you brought before you had the baby and never ended up using?'

It'd have to be the bottle warmer. It's still in its box brand new in the loft right now. Which is quite funny as we've moved twice since Finley was a baby but we still have the useless thing.

Nine - 'Your child's favorite food?'

Crisps or chips. He's a very healthy child.. not. But it's a struggle half the time to even get him to eat anything at all, so crisps and chips are fine.

Ten - 'How many cars does your family have?'

We currently have three, but hopefully we will be getting rid of two of them off the driveway so i can buy a new one which i could use and enjoy!

Eleven - 'Weight gain, before pregnancy, during and now?'

Well before i had Finley i weighted around 7 & half stone. Once i was full term with Finley i got up to nearly 10 stone which is quite bad really, i did hold ALOT of waters though. Now 3 years after having Finley i weigh around 9ish stone but i'm pretty happy being the weight i am. I'm definitely not the slimmest I've ever been but i'm more confident now than i ever have been before.

Twelve - 'Dream holiday with your child(ren)?'

I'd have to say the typical response to this and say Disney World. It's somewhere i have always wanted to go since going Disney Land Pairs when i was younger. Maybe one year we can fly to Florida and go!

Thirteen - 'Dream holiday without your child(ren)?'

Honestly, i probably wouldn't go on any type of holiday without Finley. Unless he was like 18 or something. I couldn't leave him for any longer than a night so sod doing it for a week or two. Why would we waste money on a holiday just for us adults when our child couldn't enjoy it with us?

Fourteen - 'How has your life changed since having a child(ren)?'

It's changed massively but i wouldn't have it any other way. Yes okay we can't just decide to take a spontaneous day out somewhere without considering if Finley could come too, but we can now do amazing stuff as a family and i'm loving every minute.

Fifteen - 'Finish the sentence "It makes my heart melt when.."'

I see Daddy & Finley playing together. There is nothing better than watching the man you loved way before you had your son, making your son laugh and have fun.

Sixteen - 'Where do you shop for your child(ren)?'

Mostly Next at the minute. It only seems to be the only clothes store for children which make decent sized clothes and last ages too! If i buy any clothes from a cheaper shop, they don't last as long as they shrink and fade. Finley's only just turned 3 (on October 3rd) and he's been in 3/4 - 4/5 for half a year now, so i'd have to buy 5 years or bigger from cheaper shops.

Seventeen - 'Favorite makeup & skincare products?'

At the minute i'm not wearing makeup at all, which is a big thing for me. I'm a massive lover of makeup but I've had next to no time just lately. I'm a massive lover of high street brand's rather than high end, i think there's just as good products in high street shops than off more expensive websites.

Eighteen - 'Huggies or pampers?'

I'd have to say Pampers for wipes, but we use Sainsbury's own nappies as Finley really gets on with them and he started getting nappy rash from pretty much any other brand. Sainsbury's nappies are only £3 a pack so they're brilliant value for money, but the Sainsbury's wipes are poo.

Nineteen - 'Have you always wanted children?'

Yes, yes i have. Even at a very young age i would have dolls left, right and center. I knew deep down i'd want kids earlier rather than later.

Twenty - 'Best part about being a mummy?'

Just as simple as that, being a mummy to a tiny little human is the best part. Knowing someone depends on you for the rest of your life, someone who looks up to you and someone to say the words "i love you mummy".

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