Sunday, 9 October 2016

Blogtober 2016.

I recently spotted a post in the UK Parent Bloggers Facebook page about this new blogger challenge everyone is talking about, Obviously with me always struggling to find something to post about, this was a perfect opportunely to join in. So i joined the Blogtober 2016 Facebook group and went through a couple of posts to read what it was all about. I am utterly thrilled someone has come up with this and I'm excited to join (even if it's 9 days late).

*Edit - I have just been informed the lovely Mandi Morrison over at was the creator of this marvelous idea!

As you can see by the list, there's a new 'task' for every day of October so it should (in hindsight) keep me busy with blog posts, hopefully i stick to it. Because i have missed over a week of this challenge i shall get up to date in a separate post so i can do it daily from today!

Hope you all enjoy and i hope to see you all joining in too!

Ashleigh x


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