Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Days 22 - 26

So some of you may know or may not, Finley has been in hospital for a few days but thankfully he came home yesterday afternoon. With this happening it's stopped me blogging for them few days and i have missed a few days of Blogtober. So i thought maybe the best thing to do (to stop loads of posts today) would be to do a 'catch up' post and put days 22 - 26 in one post.

Day 22 - 'My Biggest Accomplishment' 

Well isn't it obvious? My son Finley is my biggest accomplishment by miles. He's grown up into a clever and kind little boy and if it wasn't for me and his Daddy, he wouldn't be the child he is today. I'd be lying if i say it was easy to bring a child up, because it's not. All them sleepless nights, all them tantrums over nothing and all them days of feeling like ripping your hair out. But it's definitely worth every minute of that.

Day 23 - 'Favorite time of the year and why'

It'd have to be exactly this time of year for me. I always know once September has passed that it's Finley's Birthday and Christmas not long afterwards. I also the dark nights, the warm under the blanket cuddles and them beautiful orange, red & yellow leafs on the trees. As much as i love a nice hot summers day like the next person, i just don't think you can beat this time of the year!

Day 24 - 'Disney character you most identify with'

Honestly i haven't a clue. I have been sat here the past half an hour racking my brains of all the Disney characters i know and I've got total mind block. So i asked Finley which Disney character he would be and he said 'Mcqueen' from Cars!

Day 25 - 'What superpower would you most like to have'

Is there such a super power to product endless amounts of money? because if there is, i want that one! If that's totally unreasonable (can't see why it would be haha) I would probably choose to become invisible when i wanted too. Imagine how much fun that'd be.

Day 26 (today) - 'Top 10 all time favorite songs'

Oh gosh this is going to take me awhile to think of, let me see how i do..
(I genuinely went onto my YouTube account and looked in my history at my most recent favorites)

1 - Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
2 - Sia - Chandelier (acoustic is the best)
3 - Adele - When We Were Young
4 - DJ Snake feat. Jusin Bieber - Let Me Love You
5 - Drake - One Dance
6 - Sia - Cheap Thrills
7 - Jess Glynne - Take Me Home
8 - Alan Walker - Faded
9 - Zayn - Pillowtalk
10 - The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down

Hopefully i can keep up to date with Blogtober untill the end now!

Ashleigh x


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  1. Glad Finley is back home and hope everything is ok now! The catch up post was a great idea :-)

    Katie xx