Sunday, 9 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 (Days 1-9)

So as i have been so well and truly lazy the past week with it being Finley's Birthday last Monday and not having much time since then to sit down long enough (unless i have a cuppa and some chocolate that is, always a main part to my day, why not?) so here i am on a quiet and boring Sunday afternoon, typing all my blog posts all in one day.

Day One..
Who are you?

Well hello, I'm Ashleigh, I'm 23 and i live in Derby. I have a partner called Tom and we have been together 4 years in August. We have a 3 year old little lad called Finley, He's a very cheeky and very moody little one (just lately anyway). We live in a 2 bedroom house in a small part of Derby called Oakwood. We share our home with our 1 year old cat called Freddie, who is always very cheeky and very very very moody. I was also born in Derby but moved to a place in Bedfordshire called Leighton Buzzard in 2012 for 2 years to live with my partner and his family. We then all took the plunge and moved up to Derby to be closer to my family, all whilst Tom's family moved down to Devon to be with Tom's Nanny. In my spare time away from being a full time mummy, i watch TV, eat loads of chocolate, drink loads of tea and occasionally blog about life.

Day Two..
An old photo of you.

Here you go, feast your eyes on this gem. Me and my mum, when i was probably the same age as Finley. Look at that 90's hair cut and my 90's dress!

Day Three..
If you won the lottery you would?

Ooo well there's a question i circled around in my head for many many years. Ask me 10 years ago i'd of probably tell you how i would spend my money on clothes, shoes and a big big house for all my friends to have a sleep over in. But you ask me that question now as a 23 year old "adult", as much as my 13 year old self has such good ideas (which quite frankly i would still waste a big chunk on clothes and shoes) i would probably have to be a sensible mum and pick a new big house and a car. What i'd do to be able not to struggle with money and have a big house. I'd also give some of it to a special charity who look after babies and children who are critically ill.

Day Four..
Share a secret about yourself.

Erm well i don't really have many exciting secrets to be honest. My life isn't quite that interesting unfortunately. I can fit my whole fist in my mouth? is that a good enough "secret" to tell you? I told you i was a boring one.

Day Five..
What career did you have planned as a child?

At some point in my childhood i wanted to be a singer, then it changed to actor. Funny thing is i wasn't partially good at either singing or acting when i was younger, so i can't see why i thought that. I can also remember saying i wanted to be a mum one day, but I'm sure that would have come true at some point anyway!

Day Six..
Favorite Christmas/Birthday present you've ever got.

It'd probably have to be the year when i was around 8/9 when i received my first ever 'Baby Annabel' and the accessories to go with. I asked 'Santa' for a new cot, pushchair and car seat for my baby. Little did i know i got loads of clothes and a proper baby to go with it all! I was over the moon. Even better when i was the only girl down the street to get everything she asked for, i was proud as punch showing off all my new stuff. I'm not sure it'd still be as exciting if i received that now though, but at the time it was defiantly the best ever!

Day Seven..
What made you start blogging?

I originally started blogging April 2013 to document my pregnancy with Finley and keep track of him as a child also. This blog probably lasted 2/3 months and i didn't even get to when Finley was born. I then started up a whole new blog in July 2015 to try and lift off this blogging malarkey and document Finley's life from that day, it was going all so well till around 2 months ago when i completely lost my blogging 'Mojo' all and i just left it. So then around 2 weeks ago i made such a rash decision to make yet again a whole new blog and take a whole new re brand. So here we are, a blog more for myself, hopefully i wont get bored this time.

Day Eight..
Favorite TV Programs.

I'm not one to try out may new programs and I've got the attention span of a goldfish. So finding programs i like enough to sit and commit myself is quite hard. I like all the usual popular programs to be honest.. Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, Orange Is The New Black, Friends, Teen Mom, One Born Every Minute, Hollyoaks and The Great British Bake Off. I've also got a bit of a soft spot for An Hour to Save a Life, Can't Pay We'll Take It Away & 999 What's Your Emergency?, Love a good emergency services program!

Day Nine (Today)..
Favorite movies you can never get bored of watching.

I'm not really a big film person to be honest. I can't sit still for long enough to enjoy a film. I'm a lover of romantic comedies if i had to choose but no films jump out as my favorites at this moment. Maybe recommend some of your favorite ones in the comments and i'll give them ago.

That is me, UP TO DATE! thank the Christ. I really hope to keep up to date with this as i can see it being rather quite enjoyable.

See you in tomorrows post..
Ashleigh x


  1. I love this :) it's always great to learn a bit about the person behind the blog x

  2. Wow! What an epic blog post!
    Lovely to learn more about you!

  3. Welcome to #Blogtober16! Brilliant post, probably would have been a lot easier to just do an entire 9 days at once! I am glad you have decided to go back to blogging, I am looking forward to reading the posts for the rest of the month xxx

    1. It was very easy actually, just wished i had started this from day one but hey, im here now! xx

  4. Such a lovely insight into your life xx

  5. Blogtober sounds like a fun idea for a blog post and series x

    1. It's great fun, you should click the blogtober picture link at the bottom of this post and visit the website of the woman who started it and join in :) xxx

  6. It's always so lovely to find out more about people! I wish I could do Blogtober but I'm struggling to blog once a week lately! x

    1. I was also struggling but most likely for different reasons, i've got serious bloggers block xx

  7. Love that old childhood picture of your and your mum :D Got to love the 90s for bad outfits. You've done well putting all the Blogtober days in 1, I actually prefer it how you've done it actually. Great to find out more about you :D

    Laura x

    1. It's a brilliant picture isn't it! Oh how to be in the 90s again with the amazing hair cuts and clothes haha. It was way easier this way to be honest xxx

  8. I love learning about other people. I love Pretty Little Liars and Orange Is The New Black. I love what you'd do with money if you won the lottery. I think I've do something similar. x

  9. Oh I wish I took part in this. Looks brilliant and a way of keeping up the blog work

  10. Good luck with the new blog :) I did that a few years back and just changed to a whole new blog to feel more myself and i haven't regretted it once :) x

  11. It's great to get to know a bit more about you and who is behind the blog! Good luck with it all! :) x

  12. I love reading posts like this and finding out a bit more about the person behind the blog.