Friday, 21 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 21

It should be changed to 'What am i NOT afraid of', because i'm afraid of so much stuff, it's ridiculous.
The worst one for me would be wool feeling material, especially when it's wet. Even thinking about it is making my stomach churn. It's a weird fear of mine, i dread when i have to wash some clothes as i genuinely can't touch them.
I'd have to say a close contender for one of my worst fears would have to be house fires, i know you'll think it's something someone has as a fear, but it's something since a young age i have lost a lot of sleep over. I can remember when i was younger having a high bed with a desk underneath, i used to sit up most nights upset over how i'd get out of bed quick enough to escape a fire, especially because we lived in a 3 story house. It's not as much as a fear now I've got my own house, as i know i'm in control of turning everything off, but i have gone all the way into town before, got the bus back home to check every thing again.
I also have quite a few fears which are probably one's other people have. Such as heights, deep water, uneven ground near big drops, driving on hillside roads, spiders and loosing a loved one.

What fears do you have? How does it affect your life?

Ashleigh x


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  1. hehehe! I wrote a huge list of things I was afraid of. I am such a wimp. lol
    House fires scare me too. There was one next door to me a few years ago and smoke filled our house too. Next door was trapped upstairs and we were sent to stand outside at about 4am in the morning. It was terrifying. Thankfully nobody was hurt.