Monday, 31 October 2016

AlphaBlogBites - What is it?

So just like #Blogtober2016, #AlphaBlogBites is the November alterative. I have really enjoyed taking part in Blogtober and it's given me something to focus on. So here we are November already, how scary is that.

The best thing about AlphaBlogBites is you don't HAVE to use what comes after every 'is for'. So for example, in the picture above made by the lovely Mandi (who created Blogtober) & Naomi it says 'A is for "activities"', this can be changed to anything. Apples? Autumn? Angry? etc..

Lets see if I can stick to doing this for the whole of November, just like I stuck to Blogtober the whole way through October.

Feel free to join in..
Join the #AlphaBlogBites Facebook page here.

Ashleigh x

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