Monday, 31 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 31

Seen as both last year and this year Finley hasn't celebrated Halloween with things like illness getting in the way. Here's some pictures from his first two Halloweens. Top right is when Finley wasn't even a month old, still had to join in though. Hopefully next year he wont be ill and will be able to join in.

Happy Halloween!

Ashleigh x

AlphaBlogBites - What is it?

So just like #Blogtober2016, #AlphaBlogBites is the November alterative. I have really enjoyed taking part in Blogtober and it's given me something to focus on. So here we are November already, how scary is that.

The best thing about AlphaBlogBites is you don't HAVE to use what comes after every 'is for'. So for example, in the picture above made by the lovely Mandi (who created Blogtober) & Naomi it says 'A is for "activities"', this can be changed to anything. Apples? Autumn? Angry? etc..

Lets see if I can stick to doing this for the whole of November, just like I stuck to Blogtober the whole way through October.

Feel free to join in..
Join the #AlphaBlogBites Facebook page here.

Ashleigh x

Me Becoming Mum

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 30

A letter to my Finley..

To Finley,

I just want to write you a quick letter telling you how much you mean to me. You're everything i live for and life without you wouldn't exist. I have only had you in my life for 3 short years but it already feels like i have known you for a life time. Many people told me that before you were born that you'll never love someone as much as you'd love your own child, boy they weren't wrong.
These past few years have flown by and i can't wait to spend the rest of my life getting to know you even more. You amaze me every single day, the things you learn, the funny things you come out with and just everything.

Please promise me something, if you ever need anything, come to mummy. I will always be here to hold your hand through thick and thin. No matter what it is, ill be here to help.

From your mummy x

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 29

There's surprisingly not many things I need to confess about, most people will know anything and everything about me with not being much of a private person. I've most defiantly got nothing to hide, want to know something about me? I'll tell you. So three confessions have been rather hard for me to figure out. To be quite honest, people who are close to me will know all three of these anyway..

One: This is one which isn't so much of a secret but it's defiantly an confession. I confess I'm a Snack-a-holic. I'd live off no meals a day and just fill myself up on cups of tea and chocolate. Some day's I just eat one meal with my little family in the evenings and just eat rubbish during the day to keep myself from getting hungry. It's terrible I know, but I can't help it! Send help, quickly.

Two: I talk to myself quite a lot. I'm not ashamed to admit it, it's something most people do. Most of the time it's just to run through my day's plan over and over. "First ill get up and do the pots so I can relax with a cuppa" "Go into town, have a look in H&M" you know, the usual.

Three: I'm a terrible speller, like seriously. Sometimes I wonder if I ever did an English class at school at all. I live for the spell checker and use it at least once a sentence. Now I'm wondering maybe blogging isn't the best thing for me after all.. haha. I've defiantly got better over my time as a blogger and it's helped me with spelling no end. Maybe one day I'll have no use for a spell checker.

What confessions have you got? Any confessions no one else knows?

Ashleigh x

Friday, 28 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Days 27 & 28

I keep missing days out with being at home looking after Finley due to his recent hospital trip. We should be back on track with blogging soon. Until then I'll be trying my hardest to post as much as I can and keep you all updated with our life.

So here we go, blogtober continued..

Day 27 - 'Place I would most like to visit'
I have always wanted to visit America. I couldn't pin point one particular place in America as there's so many amazing places over there. I'd like to take Finley to Disney World, I want to visit an American McDonald's (who doesn't) and I'd love love love to go New York. One day I'd love to take Finley over there and show him all the amazing sights to be seen!

Day 28 - 'Favourite Instagram picture'

This is my favourite Instagram picture at the minute, took about a week ago. Outside my dads house (his granddads). I used to sit upon this step when I was Finley's age.

A photo posted by Ashleigh 🍃🎃 (@allaboutashleighblog) on

 Ashleigh x


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Days 22 - 26

So some of you may know or may not, Finley has been in hospital for a few days but thankfully he came home yesterday afternoon. With this happening it's stopped me blogging for them few days and i have missed a few days of Blogtober. So i thought maybe the best thing to do (to stop loads of posts today) would be to do a 'catch up' post and put days 22 - 26 in one post.

Day 22 - 'My Biggest Accomplishment' 

Well isn't it obvious? My son Finley is my biggest accomplishment by miles. He's grown up into a clever and kind little boy and if it wasn't for me and his Daddy, he wouldn't be the child he is today. I'd be lying if i say it was easy to bring a child up, because it's not. All them sleepless nights, all them tantrums over nothing and all them days of feeling like ripping your hair out. But it's definitely worth every minute of that.

Day 23 - 'Favorite time of the year and why'

It'd have to be exactly this time of year for me. I always know once September has passed that it's Finley's Birthday and Christmas not long afterwards. I also the dark nights, the warm under the blanket cuddles and them beautiful orange, red & yellow leafs on the trees. As much as i love a nice hot summers day like the next person, i just don't think you can beat this time of the year!

Day 24 - 'Disney character you most identify with'

Honestly i haven't a clue. I have been sat here the past half an hour racking my brains of all the Disney characters i know and I've got total mind block. So i asked Finley which Disney character he would be and he said 'Mcqueen' from Cars!

Day 25 - 'What superpower would you most like to have'

Is there such a super power to product endless amounts of money? because if there is, i want that one! If that's totally unreasonable (can't see why it would be haha) I would probably choose to become invisible when i wanted too. Imagine how much fun that'd be.

Day 26 (today) - 'Top 10 all time favorite songs'

Oh gosh this is going to take me awhile to think of, let me see how i do..
(I genuinely went onto my YouTube account and looked in my history at my most recent favorites)

1 - Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
2 - Sia - Chandelier (acoustic is the best)
3 - Adele - When We Were Young
4 - DJ Snake feat. Jusin Bieber - Let Me Love You
5 - Drake - One Dance
6 - Sia - Cheap Thrills
7 - Jess Glynne - Take Me Home
8 - Alan Walker - Faded
9 - Zayn - Pillowtalk
10 - The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down

Hopefully i can keep up to date with Blogtober untill the end now!

Ashleigh x


Friday, 21 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 21

It should be changed to 'What am i NOT afraid of', because i'm afraid of so much stuff, it's ridiculous.
The worst one for me would be wool feeling material, especially when it's wet. Even thinking about it is making my stomach churn. It's a weird fear of mine, i dread when i have to wash some clothes as i genuinely can't touch them.
I'd have to say a close contender for one of my worst fears would have to be house fires, i know you'll think it's something someone has as a fear, but it's something since a young age i have lost a lot of sleep over. I can remember when i was younger having a high bed with a desk underneath, i used to sit up most nights upset over how i'd get out of bed quick enough to escape a fire, especially because we lived in a 3 story house. It's not as much as a fear now I've got my own house, as i know i'm in control of turning everything off, but i have gone all the way into town before, got the bus back home to check every thing again.
I also have quite a few fears which are probably one's other people have. Such as heights, deep water, uneven ground near big drops, driving on hillside roads, spiders and loosing a loved one.

What fears do you have? How does it affect your life?

Ashleigh x


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 20

Honestly, i don't find anything what so ever 'cool' about where i live. Now i'm not saying Derby is a bad place to live, as it's not. But to me it's plain and boring. I do think everyone thinks the same about where they live from time to time, well at the end of the day, we live here every single day!
I popped myself over to good old trusty Google and did a search on Derby in all it's glory. I actually found a few places and reason's i'd forgot about to why i *sometimes love living here.

One - Birds confectionery. This is the best thing to ever to happen to Derby. This is a lush shop located in around Derby (and Nottingham) which sell a range of items from freshly cooked bread to fresh cream cakes. If you ever visit Derby, go to a Birds shop, you won't be disappointed. Birds was founded in Derby in 1919 and it's been going since!

 photo Birds-Van_zpsqfvypylf.jpg

Two - Park Safe is one thing Derby has which no one else has, it's the most secure car park in the world. Like seriously IN THE WORLD. That's pretty crazy.

Three - Well this is one what Derby is quite famous for, we are the home of Rolls-Royce. It's also known for being East-Midlands biggest employer.

 photo 113ef6ef32c17dc95baa4fafb86169fc_zpsjbs8trgl.jpg

Four - Here's one i didn't actually know until i looked on google. Lara Croft was actually created in Derby. Now we learn something new everyday. It was a big hit in my childhood years with myself and my brothers so this amazes me!

Five - This is one thing which makes me love Derby, the shops! We basically have anything you can think of, in the center of Derby. I go to town a few times a week and i'm amazed all the time at how much we have in one place. I feel so lucky to be able to 'pop' into town and know i will get what i went in for.

Where do you live? What kind of things make you love where you live?

Ashleigh x


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 19

This one is quite a hard one for me, I'm such a fussy eater. I'd happily live off one meal a day and not be hungry! Lets give this a go.. (yes, i like to eat a lot of rubbish foods)

One - Well obviously my all time favorite food is chocolate. Mainly Kinder Buenos. Sometimes i'm partial to some chocolate buttons (the big one's, obviously)

Two - Cheesy chips.. only because i can't stand many types of chips on there own on a plate (too dry and make me choke most of the time) the only chips i like on there own would be McDonald's or my local fish and chip shop.

Three - Fajitas. Like seriously, how could you not like them? I normally put the filling in an oven dish with cheese on top and pop it into the oven for half hour, perfect.

Four - Pasta bake, i normally add mushrooms & chicken to my pasta. With a lovely creamy tomato sauce. Oh and lots of cheese.

Five - Chinese Takeaway, like who doesn't?

Six - A good old Sunday dinner (roast), especially made by my dad.

Seven - Fry up, well obviously. You'd all probably be very disappointed with my take on a fry up, i don't like any other meat on it other than bacon. So i go for bacon, mushrooms, spaghetti hoops & toast. Don't worry though, my partner gets the whole hog.

Eight - One of my dads home made chicken curry's with egg noodles (sounds strange, but so good) oh and you may notice i love my dads food quite a lot, we visit his house once a week and have our dinner cooked for us, he's just the best.

Nine - Bacon and egg sandwiches (sometimes with fried mushrooms). We don't have them very often (because i hate cleaning the pans afterwards) but when we do, it's the best.

Ten - PIZZA! probably my most ate food of all time. I will probably have pizza at least once a week for dinner.

I don't think you realize how much i struggled to find 10 foods i love. Like i'm so fussy, i'd happily live off Pizza every day and that's it.

Whats your favorite food?

Ashleigh x


The Mummy Tag, Q&A

Thanks to the lovely Jaymee over at for tagging me in this..

One - 'Are you a Stay at home mum or a Working mum?'

Well currently i'm still a stay at home mum. I was looking for work towards the beginning of the year, i even got to the point where i got a job but i had to sadly turn it down. Finley already goes to nursery (2 year old funding) so it was perfect, but they couldn't add any hour onto his current hours due to limited space. I could have moved him to a different nursery yes, but he'd loose all his little friends he's made there, he loves his Key Worker and he's properly settled. I am more than happy staying as a SAHM for the time being, we aren't struggling enough for money so why not. (Not knocking stay at home mums at all by the way, i love being a stay at home mum)

Two - 'Would you have it any other way?'

Well i basically answered this question in my last one but.. No i wouldn't have it any other way. I love the days Finley is at home and we get time with each other. I have LOVED the past 3 years learning about how to be a mummy and how amazing Finley is. So no, no i wouldn't.

Three - 'Do you co-sleep?'

We co-slept yes. We lived with Tom's parent's (Finley's daddys parents) for the first year of Finleys life and we had a very small room to share between us three. So the best option for us at the time was to co-sleep. I hated Finley crying in the night and waking everyone up, so him sleeping with us settled him a whole lot quicker. When we moved into our own place we did everything we could to move him out our bed, we tried a cod with the side off next to ours so i could move him when he was asleep, didn't work. We tried getting him used to his cot to go to sleep in, he just climbed back into ours during the night. So for 2 & half years we co-slept. We upgraded him to his own bed with no sides on a few months ago and he's slept in it since, no grumbles or anything. We are so proud of how well he's done.

Four - 'What is your one must have item for your baby?'

Oh gosh it's been years (literally) since Finley was a baby. I'd have to say sleep suits from Next were the best thing for me. They have built in mittens in them!! Like seriously, i was mind blown. No having to put mittens back on them 50 times an hour and no nasty scratches on their face during the night when you couldn't put the pesky mittens back on. Game changer for me for sure.

Five - 'How many kids do you plan on having?'

Honestly, i'd probably just stick with the one. But after having Finley i could probably stretch to having a second and final one. I worry to much about the future and not knowing if i could afford to look after anymore than one or two teenagers. Maybe that's me worrying waaaaay to much but yea.

Six - 'Date nights? How often do you have them?'

Honestly? We've not had a 'date night' since i was pregnant with Finley. We just don't have time to go out just us and do normal couple stuff. If i find someone to have Finley for the night, it's normally for a reason like we are going out early the next day for a car show or i'm on a night out with the girls. We should defiantly start doing it though.

Seven - 'Your child's favorite show?'

At the minute its 'Blaze and the monster machines'. Which to be honest i'm not at all bothered about, it's not annoying like most children's programs and it's quite educational.

Eight - 'Name one thing you brought before you had the baby and never ended up using?'

It'd have to be the bottle warmer. It's still in its box brand new in the loft right now. Which is quite funny as we've moved twice since Finley was a baby but we still have the useless thing.

Nine - 'Your child's favorite food?'

Crisps or chips. He's a very healthy child.. not. But it's a struggle half the time to even get him to eat anything at all, so crisps and chips are fine.

Ten - 'How many cars does your family have?'

We currently have three, but hopefully we will be getting rid of two of them off the driveway so i can buy a new one which i could use and enjoy!

Eleven - 'Weight gain, before pregnancy, during and now?'

Well before i had Finley i weighted around 7 & half stone. Once i was full term with Finley i got up to nearly 10 stone which is quite bad really, i did hold ALOT of waters though. Now 3 years after having Finley i weigh around 9ish stone but i'm pretty happy being the weight i am. I'm definitely not the slimmest I've ever been but i'm more confident now than i ever have been before.

Twelve - 'Dream holiday with your child(ren)?'

I'd have to say the typical response to this and say Disney World. It's somewhere i have always wanted to go since going Disney Land Pairs when i was younger. Maybe one year we can fly to Florida and go!

Thirteen - 'Dream holiday without your child(ren)?'

Honestly, i probably wouldn't go on any type of holiday without Finley. Unless he was like 18 or something. I couldn't leave him for any longer than a night so sod doing it for a week or two. Why would we waste money on a holiday just for us adults when our child couldn't enjoy it with us?

Fourteen - 'How has your life changed since having a child(ren)?'

It's changed massively but i wouldn't have it any other way. Yes okay we can't just decide to take a spontaneous day out somewhere without considering if Finley could come too, but we can now do amazing stuff as a family and i'm loving every minute.

Fifteen - 'Finish the sentence "It makes my heart melt when.."'

I see Daddy & Finley playing together. There is nothing better than watching the man you loved way before you had your son, making your son laugh and have fun.

Sixteen - 'Where do you shop for your child(ren)?'

Mostly Next at the minute. It only seems to be the only clothes store for children which make decent sized clothes and last ages too! If i buy any clothes from a cheaper shop, they don't last as long as they shrink and fade. Finley's only just turned 3 (on October 3rd) and he's been in 3/4 - 4/5 for half a year now, so i'd have to buy 5 years or bigger from cheaper shops.

Seventeen - 'Favorite makeup & skincare products?'

At the minute i'm not wearing makeup at all, which is a big thing for me. I'm a massive lover of makeup but I've had next to no time just lately. I'm a massive lover of high street brand's rather than high end, i think there's just as good products in high street shops than off more expensive websites.

Eighteen - 'Huggies or pampers?'

I'd have to say Pampers for wipes, but we use Sainsbury's own nappies as Finley really gets on with them and he started getting nappy rash from pretty much any other brand. Sainsbury's nappies are only £3 a pack so they're brilliant value for money, but the Sainsbury's wipes are poo.

Nineteen - 'Have you always wanted children?'

Yes, yes i have. Even at a very young age i would have dolls left, right and center. I knew deep down i'd want kids earlier rather than later.

Twenty - 'Best part about being a mummy?'

Just as simple as that, being a mummy to a tiny little human is the best part. Knowing someone depends on you for the rest of your life, someone who looks up to you and someone to say the words "i love you mummy".

I'm now tagging five people to also join in "The Mummy Tag"..

- Hollie over at..
- Lyndsay-Rose over at..
- Shannon over at..
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Thank you for reading,
Ashleigh x

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 18

To tell you the truth i haven't ever been into this Zodiac Sign business before, but now it's part of Blogtober i have took it as an opportunity and looked into it..

So i went onto good old trusty Google and found out my star sign, which is Aries as i was born in April. I kinda always knew i was Aries but i didn't know what it meant so i never used it for anything.
So here's a little bit about an Aries as a person:

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest & passionate
Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive & aggressive
Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges & individual sports
Aries dislikes: inactivity, delays & work that does not use one's talents

I would say some of these are pretty spot on actually. I do love good comfortable clothes, i'm VERY short tempered and i'm also quite impatient.
I wouldn't say i like physical challenges or individual sports as i'm not a very active person.

I'm actually quite shocked about how spot on most of it is, if i shown this to people who knew me they'd think it was me.

What star sign are you? Type it into google and tell me a bit about what your star sign says about you, is it true?

Ashleigh x


Monday, 17 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 17

This is going to sound so so so so silly but.. i have NEVER been to a concert! Yes i know how boring is that? but seriously! I feel quite sad that i haven't been to one :(

Maybe sometime in the future i shall get a chance to go to one? Something to add to my bucket list for sure. I'm not really sure who i would go see?

What concerts have you been too? What was your favorite?

Ashleigh x


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Five Halloween food ideas for children

I thought after posting my Halloween craft post, i would follow it up with a post for Halloween food ideas too. I know how hard it can be to get children to eat, Finley being one of the fussiest children ever. So why not make food look like something it's not? and Halloween is a perfect excuse to do just that.

So lets start..

One - 'Cheese Brooms' these had me amused for ages, what a brilliant idea. My son will love these, what child doesn't love some cheese? especially when shaped like a broom!

Want to try this? Click here.

 photo 5_zps9o4kncfq.jpg

Two - 'Lollipop Ghosts' is something I've seen floating (pun not intended) around the internet for a few years now and every time i see it, i love it even more. It's such a simple idea but children will love it more than i do. Like who wouldn't?

Want to know how to make these? Click here.

 photo 4_zpsgx5lgyg4.jpg

Three - 'Hot Dog Mummies' is next for our Five food ideas, and this one is a very popular one. This one has been going around for years and years. But it's still a favorite one with many families (a few of my friends have posted these on social media the past few days).

Want to give these a bash? Click here.

 photo 1_zpsshoydssy.jpg

Four - 'Spider Pizza' is something I've actually never seen done before, but it's brilliant. Not sure my Finley would eat these with having a bad spider phobia but these are great for children for Halloween (obviously if they aren't scared of them haha)

Give them ago.. click here.

 photo 2_zpspuh9tftl.jpg

Five - well last but no least I've got the 'Marshmallow Eyeballs' for you. I think these are pretty simple to make but very effective. If you're making a Halloween buffet then these are a perfect snack for everyone and they don't take much to make either.

Take a look here on how to make them.

 photo 3_zpsmrdncwsi.jpg

Want to pin this post? Click here.

Whats your favorite one out of the five? Mines got to be the Cheese Brooms!

Ashleigh x

Blogtober 2016 - Day 16.

Some of you may know, and some of you may not know, but i have a few of both piercings and tattoos. They are something i really do love, but can't find the money to enjoy them as much as i'd love to. But that's the same problem everyone had when they're addicted to getting them!

I currently have 7 tattoos and 3 piercings. I used to have way more piercings but i took most of them out a few years ago as i got bored with them. I've had a range of piercings from my wrist, belly button and several different lip piercings.

I'm hoping in the future i can afford to get some more of both, as I've always wanted my nose done (still a little scared to take the plunge) and there's quite a few tattoos I've got my eye on.

What tattoos & piercings have you got? How many all together?

Ashleigh x


Blogtober 2016 - Day 15

I'm just going to be brutally honest and say i have a boring life, no matter what day it is. I shall run through a typical day when Finley is at nursery (Monday, Wednesday & Friday).

8:30am - 9:30am: Finley will wake me up, he normally climbs straight into my bed for cuddles. Sometimes he will fall back to sleep, but most of the time he just wants a good cuddle in bed for half hour. It normally ends in Finley saying "Okay, downstairs now" like alright kid haha.

9:30am - 10:30am: Finley normally sit's with his milk and one biscuit of his choice whilst i catch up on one program i have missed from the night before. He hates having breakfast as soon as he wakes up, so we've changed his routine into milk and biscuit first, worked well.

10:30am - 11:30am: Time for us both to get ready for the day (get dressed and washed) and then Finley sit's down for some breakfast with the iPad (Naughty mummy i know). He either has Crumpets, Toast, Cereal or Jam Sandwiches for Breakfast/Early Lunch. Completely depends what Sir asks for or says "No mummy!" too.

11:30am - 12:45pm: We try and get out something to play with before nursery. So stuff like floor puzzles, Play Doh, Lego or just cars play. If he doesn't seem up to playing (sometimes it's a simple no and he's not interested) then we shall put some educational videos on YouTube and watch them.

12:45pm - 1:00pm: Coat & shoes on. Bag ready and walk to nursery. If we leave any later than 10 to 1 we are late, even worse when it's only a 3 minute walk. But you know the pace a 3 year old walks at so it's not easy haha.

1:00pm - 6:00pm: Finley is at nursery between these times. Most likely playing, making a mess and eating every single crumb of food they give him (something he never doe at home, typical). Whilst Finley is at nursery, I'm normally food shopping, catching up on missed programs, cleaning the house, doing a bit of blogging and mostly of all drinking tea and eating chocolate.

6:00pm - 6:15pm: Walking home from nursery. This normally ends in Finley asking to be picked up 50 times, throwing a strop and refusing to move. It's all good fun trying to pursued a tired toddler to walk all the way home.

6:00pm - 7:00pm: I'm making dinner at this time. I would love to have it earlier but with Finley at nursery so late and Daddy not finishing work till 5:30pm it's not that easy.

7:30pm - 8:30pm: We spend this time eating dinner (Finley taking much longer than me and Daddy), watching TV together and winding down before bedtime.

8:30pm - 10:00pm: I spend this amount of time every night trying to pursued Finley it's bed time. After telling him a couple of dozen of times that most children his age go to bed at 7/7:30 and that he's lucky his mummy and daddy let him stay awake later. Obviously we all know how this ends, in tears.

10:00pm - 12:00pm: I generally spend my few hours alone at night with no distraction blogging in bed where it's quite. If I'm not doing that I'm probably watching TV. I would probably stay up later than this, but i'd regret doing it. So i stick to midnight as a bedtime so i'm not super tired in the morning.

Whats your routine like? Do you have one?

Ashleigh x


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Five Halloween Crafts for children

Like most children Finley love's a good craft session. So i had a good trowel through the internet for some simple but effective crafts for children around the Halloween months and these are perfect..

One - Firstly we've got these 'Paper Plate Spiders'. I think these are a brilliant thing for you're younger children to get involved with. You've got a mixture of paining and gluing. If Finley wasnt patrifyed of spiders then i'd defiantly be trying these (maybe next year).

Want to try these with your little one? Click here.

 photo PaperPlateSpiders-563x750_zpsriduqvxl.jpg

Two - This one has to be my favorite out of the five i have picked for this post, it really brings my childhood back to me. We used to always use different fruit and vegetables in the younger years at school to pain and print with, something they need to keep doing!

Want to try Pumpkin Apple Stamps too? Click here.
 photo Pumpkin-Apple-Stamps_zpse0tauxzp.jpg

Three - These are super super cute, even Finley thinks they are "so so so cute mummy" in a high pitched baby voice. These are the 5 minute Bat Buddies made out of toilet rolls. Something I'm very keen on as i'm always trying to find new thing to use around the house to cut down on rubbish.

Want to try these? Click here.
 photo toilet-roll-bat-friends_zpsd9atgc1i.jpg

Four - When i came across these, i was amazed at how simple they are. What's even better than them being simple is, it's also cheap to make! I find loads of Pine Cones when out and about, here's a reason to put them to good use!

Try them here.
 photo easy-pine-cone-pumpkin-craft-for-kids2_zpsqitxvem5.jpg

Five - These look almost good enough to eat (to be quite honest it's made me hungry looking at them). Coated apples on sticks is something we always have around Halloween/bone fire night so these are just the perfect craft.

Click here to make these.
 photo popsicle-sticks-craft_zpstvcrsp0m.jpg

Which one of these will you be trying first with your little ones? I think I'm going to try the Pine Cone Pumpkins, I know Finley will love picking them and putting them together!

Ashleigh x

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 14

I used to have a blog called 'Loving My Finley' which was solely dedicated to my little man, it meant blogging about him and nothing much else could have come from it. I wasn't wanting to ruin Finley's lovely blog with boring none mummy posts and daily challenges just like this. So i decided it was time to move myself to a completely new blog and make it for myself. So this new blog name mean's i can do what i want on here, bore everyone with my life and not worry about ruining Finley's progress posts with normal every day posts which aren't parent related.
Of course i shall be doing post's on this one about F, i wouldn't have made it other wise. But it just means i can freely join in on these non parent related challenges and feel fine i'm not over writing Finley's memories. Does that even make sense?

I really hope to anyone who followed our journey over on Loving My Finley doesn't get disappointed with my new one, i shall be posting just as much about Finley. I didn't make it to stop all together, just so i can post anything else what comes to mind also.

Sorry this one is quite short, not really got much more to say.

Ashleigh x

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Blogtober 2016 - Day 13

So this will probably disappoint a few of you because my fridge is boring. I know i love to see what's in peoples fridges (mainly because I'm nosy) but you shall be bored with mine.
My fridge is that boring i didn't even want to photograph it, so i didn't. You can be blessed with an outside picture, and that is it.

 photo DSC00486_zpskcsfetis.jpg

So in my very boring, bare fridge we currently have..
Milk, Butter, Cheese, Yogurt's, Sausage Pasta Bake (Daddy's dinner for when he's home), Capri Sun's (i could lie and say they are Finley's but they aren't, they are mine), Mountain Dew, Water and last but not least various condiments (jam, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup & salad cream). We normally have a more stocked fridge but I've not had time or chance to do a bigger shop than just what we use day to day. We would normally have Yogurts for F in there too, but true toddler style he doesn't like them all of a sudden!

What stuff do you have in your fridge, which i don't?

Ashleigh x

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Blogtober 2016 - Day 12

Oh gosh, i was dreading this one. My handbag is a combined bag with my 3 year old son so it's full of child entertaining things and wipes. To be quite honest I'm good when it comes to keeping my handbag clean, i tend to empty it out a few times a week as i hate all them coins and crumbs lurking at the bottom of it (even though after a day they tend to appear again, how?)

 photo 47876fb8-f036-4bdd-99b8-3d794dac49a3_zpsvhycjtft.jpg

I used to carry around my son's Peppa Pig back pack around all the time when we went anywhere but he started nursery in January so i had to use that for when we was there. I got brought this beautiful Cath Kidston handbag last Christmas and it's perfect for myself and for when F with with me.

So in my handbag i didn't actually find much compared to usual as i only emptied it out at the weekend of rubbish so you're lucky!

 photo DSC00473_zpsofo3ckl9.jpg

So as you can see by my picture, there's the usual purse, nappy's, wipes and cream. I have also descorverd F has planted three cars in there since the weekend with out me knowing, which is pretty normal. Two small packets of sweets, perfect for bribing Finley to shhhhh when we are out and about (come one we've all done it) A hair bobble & Lip balm because you just don't know when you'll need them. Last but not least a few small coins lurking in the bottom of the bag, the ones where you're in a rush at the dounter of a shop with a toddler in tow and you throw them in there as quick as possible (the coins, not the toddler).

I'm quite surprised even after a few day's I've not gathered more in there, I would also normally have my phone & Diary in there too but they are out when I'm home.

Now i want you to go look in your handbags/changing bags and see what weird items you can find, tell me in the comments. The weirder the better!

Ashleigh x
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